Precise Prevention For High Risk Group - Inherited Genetic Variants

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In the medical journey of cancer treatment, precision medicine is recognized as a modern and favored way for healthcare system to take care of cancer patients more easily. Challenges of identifying the right drug to every cancer patient while new drugs are emerging for specific genomic mutations can be tackled strategically by having cancer patients’ unique cancer genomic profiles. The acceleration of oncology drug approvals and the modernization of clinical trials with biomarker-based patients have progressed well as USFDA committed from 2018. The wave of precision medicine also increases approvals of companion diagnostics, bringing ACT Genomics’ genomic profiling service on the waiting list of USFDA approval.

Why You Need To Know About Precision Medicine

Top global pharma companies fasten the pace to conduct clinical trials of precision medicine, which requires cancer patients’ genomic information via genomic profiling. This evolution affects most hospitals, so you need to get prepared for the genomic profiling if you are always looking for a new treatment.


Clinical Trials Highlights

Do You Need To Prevent Cancer Via Gene Testing?

To know or not to know, that is a question. Some people consider that there is no drugs for inherited genetic variants  before cancer formed, causing mental burden; while 5-10% cancers are caused by inherited genetic variants, so if you have a family history of cancer, you are in the high risk of developing cancer and knowing which inherited genetic variants you have may help you organize better health management. There are many inherited genetic variants known for several cancers, including BRCA1/2 genes well-characterized by Angelina Jolie. People carrying inherited genetic variants have a higher lifetime risk of cancer, up to 10-90 times higher than someone without a mutation.

More Comprehensive Diagnostic Solutions Than Traditional Hereditary Gene Testing

Through Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), ACTRisk™ hereditary gene testing decodes 67 cancer genes associated with  9 common hereditary cancers and 11 cancer syndromes, providing more information for your health management strategy. 

Hereditary Gene Testing Can Bring Advantages As Follows:

? More humanized process : Only few specimen allowing for 67 genes detection at once.

More ideal management :  Using genomic information for prevention measures

Listen To The Successful Fighters' Stories

Many cancer patients are diagnosed late stage, and some patients will know precision medicine is because they have medical background or being recommended by physicians. Listen to their stories and help them bring hope to more people.

Cancer Patient Stories :



ACTRisk™ Hereditary Gene Testing

 Who Can Use : 

? Multiple family members who have cancer 

? Any individual who is concerned about the inherent risk of hereditary cancers and cancer syndromes 

? A family member who has multiple cancers, an early-onset cancer, or a rare cancer 

? Specimen Type : 4-8 ml whole blood 

? Turnaround Time : 15 working days after qualified specimen is received

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