May 03 ACT Genomics shared insights in Industry Roundtable Series


The Industry Roundtable Series is a platform for in-depth discussion and exchange of knowledge amongst clinicians, researchers and industry experts. Centred on a series of topics, the Industry Roundtable harnesses the university’s innovation resources to uncover the next big trend. This Industry Roundtable Event topic “Next Generation Sequencing: The Future of Diagnostics” highlights the breadth of next generation sequencing applications and the importance of these insights in enhancing our understanding disease development as well as provide new diagnostic and treatable markers for translation into the clinic to improve patient care and survival. Dr. Allen is honoured to be one of the key speaker of Industry Roundtable Series by NUS Enterprise discussing on topic “Precision in whose terms: The Reliability & Challenges of Using NGS in Precision Medicine”. Other invited speakers include Dr. Roger Foo (Senior Consultant , NUS, Senior Investigator, CRI & GIS) and Dr. Lewis Hong (Director, Translational Biomarkers, MSD).

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