May 05-06 Novel treatment strategies in precision cancer medicine in TJCC


The most influential annual event in cancer treatment in Taiwan, the 23rd Taiwan Joint Cancer Conference (TJCC) was held at Taipei Marriot Hotel from 5th-6thMay. ACT Genomics invited the Deputy Director of Tokyo Medical and Dental University Cancer Center, Dr. Sadakatsu Ikeda as guest speaker and the Director of National Taiwan Hospital Graduate Institute of Oncology, Dr. James Chih-Hsin Yang as moderator, to share insights on novel treatment strategies in precision cancer medicine on 5thMay. Novel treatment strategies, such as immune therapy and combination therapy of molecular targeted agents, are emerging to overcome the limited duration of response in common monotherapy treatment strategy. ACT Genomics introduced how cancer genomic profiling services can assist the novel cancer treatment strategies in A29 display area.

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