11/03-11/04 Embrace a new chapter of precision medicine in the 4th HK International Oncology Symposium


The annual grand convention in Hong Kong- the 4th HK International Oncology Symposium (HKIOS) was held on 11/03-11/04 to highlight advances likely to transform cancer management, including new immunotherapeutic approaches, functional genomics and precision medicine, and advances in precision radiotherapy. Speakers included oncology doctors and influential researchers from leading hospitals as well as internationally renowned institutions such as John Hopkins and University of Washington. Dr. Shu-Jen Chen, ACT Genomics' Chief Scientific Officer, delivered two talks to discuss various biomarkers in identifying patients suitable for immunotherapy, and the clinical application of NGS.

More HK events sponsored by ACT Genomics :Precision Oncology Symposium Session –Video Recap: http://www.gieen.cn/en/branch/hong-kong

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