11/08 ACT Genomics was invited to share distinctive insights in 2017 APACMed


Asia Pacific Medical Technology Association, APACMed has a strong focus on in vitro diagnostic device (IVD) especially genomic profiling services, and advocates related technologies in Asia-Pacific region aggressively. In 2017 APACMed “The Future of Personalized Medicine in Asia” session, more issues were discussed by moderator Rhenu Bhuller, Partner of Transformational Health in Frost & Sullivan along with distinctive insights from three key players in healthcare industry: Dr. Allen Lai , Senior Vice President of ACT Genomics; Dr. Antonio Del Santo, Regional Medical Director Asia Pacific of Roche Pharma; Dr. Lawrence Wee, Chief data scientist of Allianz. More information: http://www.apacmed.org/medtech-forum/

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