07/01-02 ACT Genomics introduces our services in Lung Cancer Summer Summit


ACT Genomics will introduce our services at our booth in Lung Cancer Summer Summit held at the Westin Taipei from 1st -2rd July. The Lung Cancer Summer Summit is hosted by Taiwan Lung Cancer Society, sponsored by pharmaceuticals and ACT Genomics. The topics covered in the summer summit include: Chemotherapy and anti-angiogenesis therapy, CCRT, Incorporate Precision Medicine into Clinical Practice, Immunotherapy, Palliative Care, Navigating through the Current Therapies in NSCLC, EGFR TKIs, ALK and other kinase Inhibitors, Current strategy of ALK+ NSCLC treatment in Taiwan. Welcome to visit us!

About Lung Cancer Summer Summit: http://www.tlcs.org.tw/secretariatn_notice_article.php?the_no=czoyOiI3NiI7

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