06/28 ACT Genomics shared insights about Precision Cancer Management at BioTaiwan 2017


ACT Genomics CSO Dr. Shu-Jen Chen presented a topic on "Applications of Next Generation Sequencing for Precision Cancer Management" to share her in-depth insights about genomic profiling at BioTaiwan from 14:15 – 14:40 on 28th June. BioTaiwan 2017 is one of the largest biotech events in Asia and is held at Nan Gang Exhibition Hall from 28th June- 2rd July. BioTaiwan 2017 offers a great opportunity for people interested in biotech industry to interact with biotech companies and to participate in various biotech related activities and symposiums.

About BioTaiwan 2017: https://bio-taiwan.com/en/program/detail/33

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