06/03 ACT Genomics hosted ASCO-ACTG Dinner Seminar


On 3rd Jun evening, ACT Genomics organized an ASCO-ACTG Dinner Seminar in Chicago, USA, with the theme "Circuits, Pathway and Precision Oncology." The scientific exchange seminar was attended by cancer experts from Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Japan and France. Our guest speaker, Dr. Ruby Huang, Director, TRANSCEND, NUHS presented her cutting edge research on "Precision Management of Ovarian Cancer: beyond Actionable Mutations". Dr. Tan Kien Thiam and Dr. Poon Song Ling also presented on "Next Generation Sequencing & Biomarkers in Cancer Immunotherapy: Challenges and Promises". Our dinner seminar brought lively discussion and shed light on an advanced way of cancer treatment ahead. Our event ended successfully in pleasant atmosphere.

About ASCO: https://am.asco.org/

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