5/6 -7 ACT Genomics presented two topics on Circulating Tumor DNA in Cancer Management and cancer management clinical experience sharing in Taiwan Joint Cancer Conference


The TJCC 2017 will be held on 5/6-7 at the National Defense Medical Center, and the organizer of the TJCC 2017 is the Society of Gynecologic Oncology, Republic of China.We are invited by the Taiwan Clinical Oncology Society to deliver a talk titled with “Circulating Tumor DNA in Cancer Management” to introduce the latest progress and application in ctDNA on 5/6 from 16:20-17:00 at room 32 and will present anothe topic on "Precision Cancer Management-Experience in Taiwan" to share our clinical cases and results on 5/7 from 11:30-12:30 at room 32. We will also introduce our cutting -edge genomic profiling services at Booth D02 on the third floor

The Taiwan Joint Cancer Conference (TJCC) is the largest cancer conference in Taiwan, and attracts thousands of physicians and experts. At this conference, cancer-related pharmaceutical and genetic testing companies introduce their latest products and technologies, and experts deliver talks on current trends in cancer treatment and other popular topics. Every year, different cancer associations take turns to organize the conference.

Welcome to attend Dr. Chen’s two talks and visit ACT Genomics at Booth D02

More information about TJCC: www.tjcc.tw

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