4/26 ACT Genomics presented a topic on precision medicine at The Taiwan Drug & Medical Device Development Symposium 2017


ACT Genomics Singapore Regional Managing Director, Dr. Allen Lai presented a topic on “The Quest of Precision Medicine: Implications for Drug/Device Development” to provide his first-hand precision medicine insights from his years of experiences in medical and healthcare industry on 4/26 from 12:20-13:00 in The Taiwan Drug & Medical Device Development Symposium 2017.The Symposium  was held at NTUH International Convention Center from 4/25-26, and 300-400 participants ranging from scholars to pharmaceutical partners attended this event. The Taiwan Research-Based Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (TRPMA) is an important drug association in Taiwan. The TRPMA aims to accelerate drug development, facilitate industrial innovation cooperation, build an international biotech platform and serves as an international contact window.

More information about TRPMA: http://www.trpma.org.tw/index.php/tw/

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