4/25 ACT Genomics will deliver a talk at Financial Times Asia Healthcare & Life Sciences Summit


Facing healthcare and medical environment challenges such as population aging, inefficient resource distribution, lack of professionals, governmental regulations, how government and industry can work together to deal with these challenge? ACT Genomics Singapore Regional Managing Director, Dr. Allen Lai, will share his insights on medical big data and innovative technology in the “Intelligent technology = smarter healthcare” session at 9:40 am, Singapore time. The goal of this Summit is to bring professionals from different fields together and find solutions to create a better future for the medical and healthcare industry. The Summit will be held at The Westin Singapore on 25 April 2017. “Financial Times Asia Healthcare & Life Sciences Summit: Shaping the future of healthcare” is an annual event in Asia Pacific, where industrial leaders such as Chief Executive Officers, Chief Medical Officers, and senior business representatives discuss the topics of the year.

Welcome to attend Dr, Lai’s talk in the Financial Times Asia Healthcare & Life Sciences Summit!

More Information about FT Summit: https://live.ft.com/Events/2017/FT-Asia-Healthcare-Life-Sciences-Summit

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