ACT Genomics Cohosted with Taiwan Precision Medicine Society 2016 TPMS Annual Event and International Seminar on 8/14


2016 TPMS Annual Event and International Seminar was held on 8/14(Sun) 8:30~17:30 at 10F-1001,Chang Yung Fa Foundation,Taipei,Taiwan. TPMS invited many professional speakers in this annual event and the topics cover from Precision Medicine Translational Research, Precision Medicine Application in Different Fields and Clinical Experience Sharing in Precision Medicine Era. TPMS also invited international speakers Dr. Dan Roden from Vanderbuilt University to share “Engineering healthcare systems for discovery and implementation in personalized medicine" and Dr. Kazunori Ochiai from the Jikei University School of Medicine to share “Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancers in Japan". Welcomed to join us !


More Info:

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