Victor Chan, CFA, LLB, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Victor Chan is the Chief Financial Officer of ACT Genomics, with over thirty years of experience in direct investment, corporate and financial management, private equity, investment banking, and corporate finance.

Since 2003, Mr. Chan has co-founded and co-managed several early-stage ventures. He is an investment partner at an Asian boutique investment firm specialized in investing and incubating early stage technology and biomedical companies. He is also the Asian partner of an investment group in acquisitions and management of international consumer brands. He also acted as CFO for several portfolio companies and co-founded a medical imaging technology company and an education group in China. In addition, he was previously the Managing Director of the Standard Chartered Bank Private Equity and Investment Bank and a director and investment committee of two Greater China private equity investment funds.

Mr. Chan, a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), has an MBA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, a LLB from the University of London and a BA from the University of Hong Kong.

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