Shu Jen Chen, Ph.D

Chief Scientific Officer, Cofounder

Dr. Shu Jen Chen is the Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of ACT Genomics co. ltd. Her in-depth knowledge of Cancer Biology, Drug Discovery and Development, and Bioinformatics is the key to our integrated cancer information service. She joined the National Health Research Institute in 1998 as an Assistant Investigator and established the high throughput screening program for the institute. Dr. Chen moved to TaiGen Biotechnology in 2001 to serve as the Head of In Vitro Pharmacology. In 2006, she joined Chang Gung University. As an Associate Professor at the Department of Biomedical Sciences. Dr. Chen specializes in automated drug screening system, biological database and data analysis. She has many years of experience in cancer drug discovery and next-generation sequencing operations. She is also familiar with system integration and database design.

Dr. Shu-Jen Chen received her Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Virginia Commonwealth University, completed her postdoctoral training at Baylor College of Medicine, and then was a Research Assistant Professor at SUNY Buffalo.

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