Five-year survival rate of nivolumab-treated advanced non-small cell lung cancer patients exceeds expectations


Advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients have a very low five-year survival rate of about 4 %. Although nivolumab is approved for the treatment of chemotherapy -refractory advanced NSCLC, data on its long-term efficacy remain scarce. Therefore, researchers assessed the long-term overall survival rate for nivolumab in advanced NSCLC in the phase Ib CA209-003 dose-escalation cohort expansion trial, which included 129 heavily pretreated NSCLC patients. The five-year overall survival rate was 16%, about 4 times higher than for patients treated with chemotherapy. The survival rate reached a plateau phase after three years, when the overall survival rate was 18%. Among the study patients, 16 patients survived for over five years, 9 of 16 patients completed the full nivolumab treatment regimen, and 12 had no evidence of progression at the time of their last follow up, indicating that a patient subgroup derived a long-term treatment effect. These findings demonstrate that some patients have a durable benefit from immunotherapy, and more studies may help to uncover methods to further improve treatment outcomes.

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