Combination of immunotherapy and chemotherapy shows excellent efficacy in neoadjuvant therapy


Previously, neoadjuvant therapy for high-risk breast cancer has been confined to only chemotherapy, so additional treatment options are urgently needed. Researchers have therefore tried to expand treatment options through the use of immunotherapy. A multicenter phase II I-SPY2 trial has been conducted for 69 high-risk breast cancer patients, assessing the efficacy of a new neoadjuvant therapy that combines pembrolizumab and standard chemotherapy compared with standard chemotherapy alone. The results showed that pembrolizumab increased raw and estimated pathological complete response (pCR) by over 50% and 40% in 29 TNBC patients. Moreover, the raw and estimated pCR increased by 13% and 21% in 40 HR positive/HER2 negative breast cancer patients. These findings suggest that the new neoadjuvant combination therapies carry potential to become a new treatment option for high-risk breast cancer patients in the future.

1. OncoTherapy network:

2. ASCO 2017:

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